ESP Camera| Polaroid Event Photography

ESP CAMERA is BRANDED, Polaroid Event Photography


// Our Mission

ESP Camera creates moments that last a lifetime. Our team of polaroid photographers build personal connections between brands and guests.

We don't sit in corners like photo booths. Instead, we interact with people to capture and hand-deliver moments in custom, branded packaging.

Based in New York City, with teams in Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago. Our photographers can travel to your event in any location.

-How it works- 

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  •  ESP Photographers take Polaroids of your guests.


  •  The Polaroid prints out, is branded, then placed in a envelope that is also branded.


  • The Polaroid is instantly given to your guest.  

Polaroid Film Options

    Polaroid Originals Black and White    

  Polaroid Originals Black and White


                                              Instax wide film


                    Instax wide film

           Polaroid Originals Color

         Polaroid Originals Color


  Need something Digital?

We can provide you and your guests with high-resolution customized scans for sharing on social media. 

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